REVIEW: Pop Beauty No Show No Shine Powder

Ugh, so much hate for this. Read below to know why this is a dud.

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REVIEW: IN2IT Oil Control & Oil-Free face powder

The only pressed powder I have ever used is Maybelline Clear Smooth. It’s affordable, but it’s not great at oil control, and that’s what I’m really looking for.
First off, can I say how hard it is to find a pressed powder that’s not powder foundation? Nearly all of my Google searches led me to powder foundation reviews. Ugh. Powder foundie on top of a liquid foundie = cakey, masklike mess. No, thanks!
Anyway, let’s take a look at this baby:

IN2IT Oil Control & Oil-Free face powder in 03_ Harvest

The packaging is adoooorable! The metallic pink is eye-catching, and it’s a nice change from all the black makeup packaging out there.
The case is made out of plastic, but it feels very sturdy. Not very worried about breakage here. The compact comes with a foam sponge.
Upon opening the package, I was surprised at how little product there actually was in there. Damn me for not reading labels! I was really dismayed, but also thought, “If I don’t like this product, at least it’ll run out quickly.”
There’s a lot of fallout when using a brush, but when used with the sponge, the fallout is minimal. The powder is very fine and smooth, and isn’t at all chalky. It goes on beautifully. I use this to retouch when my face greases up, and it never feels thick or cakey, even with two to three swipes.
Coverage is light to medium: it gives the slightest white cast, perhaps due to its SPF15 content. Also, it may be because the shade I went with (Harvest – the darkest one) is still light for my morena skintone. I hope IN2IT, an Asian company, would come out with shades better suited for Filipina skin tones.
As for its oil control properties, I’m sorry to say that it did not do much for my skin. Granted, my face is exceedingly oily, so this may not be much of a shock. If you have normal to combination skin, this powder may work for you. Unfortunately, my face is a greasetrap, so I ended up giving this away to our intern.
Price: PhP399, but I got this on sale at Landmark Trinoma for around PhP350.
Verdict: Recommended for people with normal skin who don’t need to retouch quite as often. I have given my compact to our intern, who has normal skin, so it gives her the exact coverage she needs.

REVIEW: Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Setting Powder

I keep reading that setting powder is very important for long-lasting make-up!! but I never really thought it would make much of a difference on my oily skin. Good thing I impulse-shopped one day and bought this awesome, awesome product!
I bought this on a whim mostly because at the Fisher Mall department store, Cinema Secrets had a secret freebie for purchases of a certain amount. I was excited because I thought, “OMG the freebie’s also gonna be a cosmetics products!”, but it turned out to be dental stuff like mouthwash. Meh. However, I am still so very glad that I bought this.

Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Setting Powder in Beige

The packaging is disappointing for this price. It’s entirely plastic, including the screw-on lid, and it feels flimsy and breakable. Lightweight, yes, but for more than a thousand bucks, I sure would have appreciated a heftier jar.

Luckily, the crappy packaging houses an enormous amount of product. The tub is filled almost to the brim with powder. Seriously, you could use this every day and not run out for an estimated four months, maybe even longer. Unfortunately, the large amount of product also makes it hard not to make a mess when applying. *dramatic sigh* Well, you can’t have everything.

The shade I got was Beige, which was a bit fair for my liking but was the closest match to my skin, according to the saleslady. Upon application, it feels powdery, like the skin hasn’t absorbed it, and it leaves a very slight white cast. It takes a while to settle into the skin but doesn’t feel heavy like other powders tend to do. It’s very finely-milled and the texture is silky smooth. *thumbs.up.emoji*

The saleslady suggested that for oily skin, I should apply this before foundation. That weirded me out because why powder before foundation??? But it totally works. Now, my face routine is this powder, foundation, blush, and another dusting of this powder. This ensures that I am shine-free for several hours.
How does it hold up against my greaseball of a face? Amazingly well. Without this, I usually need to retouch every one to two hours. With this, though, I only oil up after five hours. Five hours, y’all. It’s halfway to a miracle.
Hands down best impulse buy ever (second only to my copy of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake)! Now, if only they’d make it in a pressed powder form…
Price: PhP1352. Expensive, yes, but it’s effective!
Verdict: So close to HG status. TRY IT AND WEEP, SISTERS.