Depression is a funny thing

Depression is a funny thing.

I could be 

held tight,

in the strong arms 

of my love, and still


myself to sleep.Read More »



I don’t like it when you’re away.
And I don’t just mean
when you’re far from the reach
of my arms.

I don’t like it when the look
in your eyes
is glazed over, blank
staring off into spaces I
can never penetrate.
I don’t like it when I hold
your hand and feel
nothing but your pulse
alerting me to the fact that
yes, you’re there. And alive.
But not really.

How I started my morning

I was drinking coffee this morning
watching the news
when the anchor said an accident had occurred
in the city where I worked.
The streets were all
too familiar.

A man
on a motorcycle
had been run over
by a bus.
Dead on the spot.

I finished my coffee, got
in the shower. I sang
to the happy songs on the radio.
I danced.

Sitting in bed,
a fluffy towel on my head,
I wondered
why that man
couldn’t have been me instead.