Lipsticks to be sold

Because I have similar shades, or simply don’t use them. I sold them to my friend Bien (not for a profit – these are used, after all), who was sort of forced into it seeing as I kept bugging her to get these damned lippies off my hands, please

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REVIEW: Maybelline Volum’ Express The Rocket

I impulse-shopped this product since I’ve been on a total Maybelline kick lately. So happy with this purchase!


It’s super cute! And the bright blue really stands out in my vanity. The fat tube makes it easy to grip. The bristles are short in length, which can make it a challenge to reach some lashes.




It’s a bit wet so don’t blink too soon after applying lest you smear it.


It gave me looooong, thick lashes that didn’t clump too badly. I was actually afraid of putting on more coats for fear that my lashes would hit my glasses, haha. As for wear time, I applied this at 7PM and by 4AM, there was minor smudging on my undereyes.


I hate the fact that it smudges on my terribly oily skin (given, I didn’t set with powder), but for the price and performance, I can overlook it.

Price: PhP 399 at SM Beauty