REVIEW: Max Factor Creme Puff in Lavish Mauve

I’ve had bad experiences with Max Factor products in the past, so I didn’t expect much from this. But it’s been said that this is a dupe for the way more expensive Hourglass powders, so I just had to give it a shot.

Excuse my dry, prune-looking finger, please!

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REVIEW: Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Volume Mascara

This product was part of the promo that Max Factor had last year. For around PhP1500, you get a lip pencil, a foundation, and this mascara along with an MF pouch. Of all those products, the only one I liked is the goshdarn pouch. Seriously.
This post is the last of my Max Factor hit list, as I am no longer planning on buying another MF product again (except for a lipstick.)

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof Volume Mascara in Rich Black

As with all MF products, the packaging is classy and sophisticated: a black tube with thin, metallic blue writing. It’s nice that they included a PAO date on the label, too.

The wand is nothing out of the ordinary. Just another mascara wand in a sea of products just like it.

In terms of performance, the effect is very natural. So natural, in fact, that it makes me wonder why I even bothered applying it in the first place! It gives my lashes a marginally thicker look but that’s about it. I didn’t see the point in wearing it if it doesn’t give any significant effect.

Before: the one above
After: the one below
Difference: minimal

What’s worse is that it smudges and flakes like crazy! My oily lids usually give me panda eyes when wearing eye make-up, but with this product, it’s even worse. Not 3 hours of wear and already I look like I haven’t gotten any sleep. Awful performance for a supposedly waterproof mascara.
All in all, this might be a good product for women with no oil control issues who are looking for an everyday mascara. I, on the other hand, would prefer something that really opens up my eyes if I bother applying mascara.
Price: PhP595.
Verdict: Obviously a thumbs-down. Never again, MF. Never again.

REVIEW: Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation

When I started running out of Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation, I went shopping for a new one. I wasn’t asking for much—I just wanted a foundation that controls my oil. Is that so hard?
Apparently, it is. 😦

Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation in Sand 60

It comes in a plastic tube but it doesn’t look cheap. The design is sophisticated and sleek. To get the product out, you just have to squeeze and control the amount. No wastage here! Also very travel-friendly.

The texture isn’t as heavy as my Revlon Colorstay but has a little bit of heft to it. It’s easy to blend as it doesn’t dry easily. Coverage is light-medium.

Unfortunately, that’s all the good things I have to say about this. 
When you get the product onto your fingers/brush/sponge, you’ll get a whiff of a pungent, sour, plastic-y smell. I’d like to say you get used to it, but it bothers me up to this very day, and I bought this like half a year ago.

After application, it looks beautifully natural and smooth. After a couple of hours, my face turns into an oil spill. My T-zone gets especially shiny. If I use my Clean & Clear Oil Control Film, it only takes around an hour before I have to de-grease again. I checked, and the bottle says oil-free—so what is happening?!
It transfers, too. When I wore this, I couldn’t lean on my boyfriend’s chest or shoulders without leaving an orange stain. My handkerchiefs are always spotted with the stuff, and the neckline of my clothes too. Ew. Such Oompa-Loompa feels.
Price: PhP695
Verdict: Way too expensive for the piss-poor quality! Frickin’ NO. Thanks to this product, I am never buying a Max Factor product again.

REVIEW: Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Deep Burgundy

It’s a lip liner! It’s a lipstick! No, it’s a Giant Pen Stick!
I picked this up a few months ago while I was shopping for foundation. For around PhP1500, Max Factor sold this, a tube of 2000 Caloria mascara, and a bottle of Smooth Effects foundation. Wait for my subsequent posts for the other reviews 🙂

Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick in Deep Burgundy

The entire thing is basically a fat traditional lip liner, meaning there’s no twisting mechanism to get the product. Boo! I had to buy a sharpener separately. Tip: Before sharpening this, pop it in the fridge for a few hours to make it harder and make it less susceptible to be squashed in the sharpener.

The formula just glides on, which makes for smooth application. It’s creamy and it doesn’t dry out my lips even if I had it on all day. It feels like a balm, which is nice.
I got it in Deep Burgundy, a dark pink shade. It’s lovely for a natural look.

It’s a little sheer here, but it is more pigmented IRL.

It’s meant to be a lip liner and lip color in one stick: line your lips and fill them out. It’s actually great at that job. I never had any harsh lines unlike with a traditional liner. But it was one major flaw…

Yep. On my lips, it looks okay, but as the day wears on, I noticed that I have glitter on my mug, on my hands, on my handkerchief. It’s so easily transferable I can hardly even touch my face without worrying that my hands will get a dose of sparkle. Just, NO.

If they make a version of this that is a little more transfer-proof and has zero glitter, I’ll be more than happy to try it again!

Price: PhP525
Verdict: Too much glitter that transfers everywhere. Not for me.