Recent struggles

I’ve been struggling. I have several debts which I’ve yet to pay off. Because I’m broke, Tony and I haven’t gone out on a proper date in quite a while, which really bums me out. I keep thinking, “What a shitty life.”

And that’s where I’m totally wrong. It’s not a shitty life. I’m just going through a rough patch, and that’s totally freakin’ normal. I keep thinking I have a bad life when really, I have it so good. I have a roof over my head, food in my tummy, and cigarettes in hand. I may not have enough money now, but I’ll be able to pay everything off in time. No point in worrying about it when I know I’ll make it through.

So I made a choice. I could keep on feeling bad about life in general, or I could embrace the present for all that it is and make sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes that led to this financial situation. 

I choose the latter. And that, I think, is a pretty damned adult thing to do. 


& I’m back

First off, thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments on this blog while I was away! I read every single one, even though I don’t respond sometimes.

Anyway, here I am back at it again on my mom’s laptop. It’s been a while since I opened WordPress, and oh god, how I missed tapping out words here.

Earlier today, I was out in QC, alone in a coffee shop. Part of my self-care has always been to go out alone and contemplate. I haven’t done it in a while so I was nervous that I’d get bored by myself, but just like the old days, it turned out very well. I took stock of my life and tried to appreciate what I had, regardless of my circumstances right now.Read More »

Makeup is life


It’s something that relaxes me completely. Sometimes, I put on makeup even when I’m not going anywhere because the entire process is soothing: patting on primer, brushing on foundation, blending in concealer, etc. It helps me relax, a fact which I think my therapist would love because we’re always looking for ways to cheer me up, lol.Read More »