Random Thoughts During The COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Remote work is possible; we just are so used to going to the office that we didn’t see it as feasible until we needed to work from home. We realized that we didn’t have to deal with the horrendous traffic/commute because for the most part, people can work remotely. To that point…
  2. Working from home means less boundaries between your work life and your home life because technology has made it so easy to just answer one more email, do one more task, even when your shift is over.
  3. I feel sorry for students during this current situation. Zoom or Google Meet classes are not the same as face-to-face classes; I for one wouldn’t have learned as much, or have been as focused as I would be in real life. Also, interacting with my professors and classmates is priceless; I wouldn’t have enjoyed my time in college without all those shenanigans.
  4. I’m not as introverted as I thought I was. I miss socializing with my friends, going out and having dinner and drinks without a care in the world.
  5. The entire situation has taken a toll on my mental health, especially in 2020 when there seemed to be no end to the bad news. I made it a point to not watch the news then, because it was only making my mood worse.

Today, I got my second shot of Sinovac, for which I’m grateful. However, I’m aware that the pandemic is still ongoing, and not everyone is as lucky as I am to be already fully vaccinated. I truly hope this pandemic ends soon so we will all be a safer, and sleep better at night.

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