REVIEW & SWATCHES: Colourpop x EmilyNoel Bundle of Joy

When Emily announced that she had collaborated with Colourpop on a bundle of lip products, I was ecstatic. As you may know, Emily is my favorite YouTuber, and to see her succeed truly warms my heart. She mentioned in her video that Colourpop approached her and asked her to pick her favorite products, and god bless her heart, she chose lip products – my ultimate favorite makeup item!

This bundle includes five Just a Tint lip crayons, although I already decluttered the two lightest shades (Always Right and Gimme S’more) because they don’t work on my skin tone. Thus, I can only show the three darkest shades in the bundle.

Colourpop threw in an Ultra Glossy Lip because there was a delay in shipping my package! 🙂

The packaging is cute and simple: a chubby, twist-up lip crayon with a pointed tip that wears down as you use it. Like Emily, I like how the color of the lipstick is represented by the color of the packaging, making it easier to grab for a specific color when you’re looking for it.

Top to bottom: Chimichanga, Treasure Island, A Go Go

Chimichanga is a warm red; Treasure Island, a deep berry; and A Go Go, a more neutral, brownish red.

These act more like lip stains, so don’t expect incredible wear from them. However, they are very comfortable on the lips. They keep my lips moisturized throughout the day and never feels heavy or thick.

As you may have read in my previous blog post, I wasn’t a fan of The Emily Edit The Wants palette, so Emily coming out with this lip bundle and me loving it was such a happy experience.

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