Our journeys

I’ll be turning 28 soon, and I hate it. I hate the thought of getting closer to 30 years old, mostly because I never thought I’d get this far (thanks, suicidal thoughts).

Honestly, I don’t want to turn 30, but I’m really, really trying to have a positive mindset here. So, I’ve decided to flip the bird at any and all expectations of society; more specifically, what I should have accomplished by my age. A lot of my peers are having life milestones right now: engagements, babies, and so on.

When I compare myself to them, I feel like a total loser for not having what they have. It’s difficult for me because I have high expectations of myself, and I expected my life to be… well, different than what it is now. I’m single, I’m childless (unless my cats count as kids), I haven’t traveled much, I have no life savings. Sometimes, I feel stuck, like my life is a never-ending stream of work-sleep-drink, even before COVID fucked our shit up.

However, I need to realize that even though I may not have the things that my peers do, I’m still lucky enough. I have a job that I actually like, I’m able to write fairly consistently, I have my family, I have my friends who are an amazing support system…

Our journeys are all different. No two people are exactly the same. My path may take me in a different direction, and I have to learn to be okay with life not following my own time frame.

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