I moved out, again!

I wasn’t truly serious about moving out. I was just browsing OLX looking for places to rent in Quezon City. I stumbled upon a posting of a room for rent which was pretty close to my office. It seemed affordable enough and had an air conditioner included in the room. Just because I didn’t have anything better to do, I went to see it that very day. 

And what do you know, I just about fell in love with the place. I liked the size of the room, perfect for up to 2 people. I liked the house itself. And they have an automatic washing machine! I never thought I’d be excited over using a freakin’ appliance, haha. And the landlord was really nice and answered all my questions. 

I was ecstatic. Mom, understandably, was not. She didn’t want me to move out in the first place.However, I was not to be deterred. I’m almost 25 and I want to be truly independent. I feel like this is the first step I’m taking to being an actual adult. So on June 15th, I packed my shit and moved.

So far, I’ve been doing great. I haven’t overslept once, I haven’t been late to work, I was able to feed myself (thanks, 8-MCDO), and generally I’ve been keeping it together. Hell, I even did some laundry by myself for the first time in years.

I’m still worried about finances – I paid a month’s advance and a deposit, so I’m short on money right now. But I believe that it’ll all work out soon. I’m gonna make it work *Tim Gunn voice*.

I do miss my home in San Mateo. I miss my pets, and I miss talking to my mom about little things like what happened in Ang Probinsiyano. And I really friggin’ miss wifi.

Still, this is all part of “adulting”, right? Homesickness, stress over bills – I have to know how to manage all that while working and keeping myself sane. It’s not easy, let me tell you – I have cried on more than one occasion because I was so tense. Hopefully, though, I’ll come out on the other side as a stronger, better person who’s all the wiser for having gone through these challenges. 


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