& I’m back

First off, thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments on this blog while I was away! I read every single one, even though I don’t respond sometimes.

Anyway, here I am back at it again on my mom’s laptop. It’s been a while since I opened WordPress, and oh god, how I missed tapping out words here.

Earlier today, I was out in QC, alone in a coffee shop. Part of my self-care has always been to go out alone and contemplate. I haven’t done it in a while so I was nervous that I’d get bored by myself, but just like the old days, it turned out very well. I took stock of my life and tried to appreciate what I had, regardless of my circumstances right now.

I felt incredibly at peace with everything. I took joy in the small things: the delicious salmon in my mouth, my utter aloneness without a need to make small talk. I watched videos by emilynoel83 (let’s be honest, when have I ever stopped watching her vids?). Best of all, I reflected on my life. It’s far from perfect, but I’m still trying. And that’s the most important thing.

Too often, I lock myself up in my room and try to lose myself on the Internet. Sometimes it works. But sometimes, I forget that I need to go out by myself to try and figure shit out. I’m happy that today, I made time for myself.

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