Taking a break

For the past few months, I’ve really gotten into the blogging swing. I was putting out content like crazy, sometimes coming up with 2-3 blog posts in one sitting. I was excited to take photos and even bought a reflector to enhance my pictures. I participated in Twitter chats and commented constantly on my favorite blogs.

Lately, though, I haven’t been keeping up with my blogroll. I haven’t sat down and typed a new blog post. All my recent content are scheduled ones. I stopped tweeting. My Instagram activity has slowed down as well.

I’m also disappointed that I see the same product over and over in different beauty blogs – is there nothing new? It also intensifies my FOMO even when I don’t even want the goddamn product they’re featuring.

Blogging is my favorite hobby, but it can get tiring. I think my inspiration has run dry, at least for now. It’s discouraging because I used to think that I can do this all day, every day. It saddens me that writer’s block is still a thing for me, even after all these years of writing.

I’ll be back, of course. I’m not abandoning this space or anything. It’s just that I need time to recharge.


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