On being a “niche” blogger

I’ve been reading up on how to improve my blog, because hello, this is the only thing I have in my life, and constantly I’ve seen this advice: “Find your niche, and stick to it.”


Now, I have no doubt that this will actually work for a lot of bloggers out there. Even me, I tend to stick to beauty blogs with some personal blogs thrown in every now and then. However, I read a piece of advice that states (non-verbatim), “I noticed that people would comment less on personal blog posts. Because it was all about me. They want content that speaks to and about them.”

I have no doubt in my mind that this is an effective strategy. In fact, it’s something that I feel I need to do in order to be a “successful” blogger, whatever that means.

However – and this is a big one for me – I can’t help but think, this is MY blog. This is MY space. Of course I’ll be talking about myself here every so often! I treat my blog like a journal of sorts, where I share my views on everything that strikes my fancy.

As much as I can be a “niche” blogger who only writes about beauty, I choose not to. I choose to show all sides of me: the one who writes about lipstick, and the one who writes about depression and anxiety. I’m not making a separate blog just because some readers may find it boring to know that I ate glass once.

Also, please don’t think I’m shitting on niche blogs here. I actually commend the bloggers for having the discipline and creativity to stick to a topic and constantly write about it. I’m just saying, it’s not cut out for me. My blog has been my home, my safe haven for years now; I’m not about to change that just because it’ll boost my views.

I hope I don’t sound like such an asshole in this post! Do you run a niche blog? What are your thoughts on this?

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10 thoughts on “On being a “niche” blogger

  1. I completely agree with you on this, to be honest I would love to be a niche blogger and only post about fashion because that is what I love.. but it is just too hard to dedicate a blog to one thing, outfit posts are hard to take and I don’t have the time to do that every single week. Really interesting read! Your blog is amazing by the way, well done on all your hard work! x



    • I hesitate to classify myself as a lifestyle blogger, because, well, I don’t have a life lmao. But it really is hard to grow your following when you don’t have a niche. Thank you so much for the kind words!


  2. I actually love your frank and honest discussions about your mental health because I am mentally ill and I used to feel such shame and embarrassment over admitting it to my readers. Seeing another blogger talk about it lessens my burdens.


    • I had a hard time dealing with my mental health issues because I felt alone. I started writing about it on my blog because I felt it needed to be shared, so others might find comfort in knowing they’re not alone. Thank you, and keep up the good fight!

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  3. I totally get you! And you know what? It is so nice to have blogs like yours around, with diversity, that are true to yourself. That’s one major fact for me in order to follow a blog. A niche blog is nice for consultation (I think) but in the end, everyone wants to connect to the writer and know more about who’s behind the posts. You’re doing just great! Keep it up and don’t even bother with most of those articles. Not everyone was born to sell stuff, and lately, that’s what I feel like the internet is all about. I was talking with David about this the other day. I could go on and on about it here, but I will save it for later.
    You’ll get the success you’re looking for gradually and in a natural way, and that’s the best because people will stick with you because they love who you are and the diversity of what you have to offer. Hugs!


  4. I am so, so glad I came across this post (albeit two weeks later) and it could not have come at a better time! It’s a conundrum I’ve been grappling with for quite some time, do I do something more “niche” or do I write about things I’m passionate about even if they’re about all sorts of things?

    I’ve decided to say “stuff it” and commit to making my blog my own personal space, HOWEVER in saying that I still like to think I am writing about things that others can relate to, be inspired by or try for themselves.


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