REVIEW: Covergirl TruBLEND Blush in Deep Mauve

Since my Max Factor blush was too light for me, I decided to buy another one in a deeper color; however, it was out of stock. The sales assistant kindly redirected me to this product, and I was happy because it was like Php100 cheaper! If you’re looking for an affordable, good quality blush, read on…


The packaging is a bit on the bulky side. It doesn’t come with an applicator, so if you don’t have a brush, you’re shit outta luck with this one.

The marbled effect is just gorgeous.


Pigmentation is kuh-razy! I swirled my brush in a couple of times and I ended up looking like a clown. I tried it again using one swirl only, and it still applied way too much product. Bear in mind that I tap (or in this case, bang my brush hard) any excess off the applicator so I’m not just “using too much product blah blah“. It really is a crazy pigmented blush! It’s nice because a little product goes a long way, but I prefer my blushes to be not so pigmented because I’m pretty heavy-handed.

Despite it being heavily pigmented, it lasts generally 4-5 hours on my oily face. Longevity is one of the things I look for in a blush, so I take off points for this – I want my blush to last for 8-9 hours, dammit (tall order, I know)! But since this is such a pretty color – it gives me such a nice, healthy glow – I’ll let it slide.

Price: Php500+ from SM Beauty (Can’t remember the exact price, I’m sorry! Such a bad beauty blogger I am.)

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