Blogging burnout?

I have been blogging on and off for the past 7+ years, 6 of which were spent on Stealing Your Sunbeams. There were months when I went AWOL on it because I just didn’t have the time or inspiration to create new content. In fact, I think this is the most consistent I’ve been with blogging ever since I started.

Thing is, as much as I love writing, there are times when even my verbosity can’t come through for me, and I’m left with no words to type out at my keyboard.

It didn’t used to be such a big deal for me, mainly because back then I wasn’t concerned about my blog statistics. I had like 2 regular readers, one of whom was a friend IRL, and I was happy.

Now, as I started blogging more regularly, I noticed a shift in the way I’m thinking. I’m constantly checking my blog stats. I’m poring over articles on how to drive traffic. I’m frustrated over not getting my photos just right because I know how much a good picture can attract readers. I wring my hands over my measly Bloglovin’ follower count.

I’ve become the blogger who I never thought I’d be – someone who cares so much about her traffic that it causes her to lose sight of why she’s doing it in the first place.

I blog because I like to write and take photos. I blog because there are moments in life I don’t want to forget, or emotions I need to release. I blog because at the end of the day, few things make me happier than churning out content I’m proud of, whether it’s just going to be read by just me or 1000 people.

Don’t get me wrong – obtaining a modest readership is definitely going to be a milestone for me. It’s just that I don’t want myself to become obsessed with blog stats to the point where blogging is no longer enjoyable. I have to remind myself why I started this journey to begin with, and why I’m keeping at it.

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8 thoughts on “Blogging burnout?

  1. I can relate, I have always found when I focus too much on trying to find an audience that I lose interest in what I’m doing. Obviously we want people to read, but ultimately our desire to write has to be larger.


  2. It really is so hard to balance what to write to grab interest from an audience and when its something you passionate about. I always think, it’s my blog therefore I should be writing about what I like etc. I can’t write about something to just to bring in the audience if I don’t feel an infinity for it? DOes that make sense and thats when I get stressed out the most because I am searching for something for other instead of for me.


  3. I’m having little bit of blogger burnout at the moment – but that could also be due to that I’m blogging full-time and working as digital marketing manager for a really difficult client. i would take some time off but i can’t really afford too. Oh well I’m looking forward to April. xx


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