Over the weekend / Internet goals

Well, I’m typing this with the ominous beginnings of a cold and a sore throat. I’m trying to head it off by drinking loads of water. I particularly do not want a sore throat because 100% of my job entails talking to people on the phone, so if talking begins to hurt me, I’m shit out of luck – I’ll still have to do it lest I be unproductive at work.

Anyway, I’ve had such a fun weekend!Sunday was spent with the boyfriend, who travels for ~2 hours to see me (he lives down south and I live in the east). We went swimming in my condo (I think that’s probably where we caught the cold – we went swimming on an overcast day), then when night fell, we had dinner at a food park and knocked back a few beers.

Saturday was spent with my laptop, writing blog posts and checking out new ones. If you’d like to see who I’m following, here is my Bloglovin’. Make sure to give me a follow on there as well!


Speaking of following, I’ve set for myself a few goals on growing my social media presence.

  • Bloglovin’ – currently 34 – goal is 100 (I’m having a hard time growing my follower count here. Any tips for me would be highly appreciated!)
  • Instagram – currently 320 – goal is 400 (Easy enough to grow – I pretty much use ALL THE HASHTAGS on my posts)
  • Twitter – currently 27 – goal is 100 (So hard to grow, since every time I gain a follower, I lose 2-3. Sad.)
  • Facebook – currently ~160 – goal is 200 (To be honest, I’m not that keen on promoting my Facebook profile if only because I don’t think it gets a me a lot of blog traffic.)
  • Pinterest – currently 8 – goal is 50 (I’m also not too concerned about this as I use it mainly for looking at pins, not increasing traffic to my blog.)

If you support Stealing Your Sunbeams, please make sure to check out my social media pages! And let me know in the comments how I can improve my content. I’m always up for constructive criticism. (Dumbass comments about me sucking at this will be deleted, of course.)


23 thoughts on “Over the weekend / Internet goals

  1. Good luck with growing your internet presence! I also would love to do the same, but I just find it so tiresome. How I wish I am as motivated as you are!!! Hay! Haha 🙂


  2. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll get there soon!! My only advice would be to add pics to your posts. Otherwise there’s nothing really to draw people’s attention 🙂 xx


  3. I’m feeling a bit of a sore throat coming on too. I would be surprised if I didn’t get sick since my son is sick at the moment. 😦

    I like how you lay your goals out on your blog. Good luck meeting them!


  4. Hope you’re feeling better! Also, what I found helped growing my Twitter following was getting involved in Twitter chats! There are quite a few and are generally only one hour. I used to make it a goal of mine to attend one a week and even that little bit helped me. Good luck 🙂

    Sam | My Beauty Cloud


  5. Hope you get better soon! I also have difficulties growing my Bloglovin, Pinterest and Facebook. Since for so long I just concentrated on Instagram, which made me reach more than 20k there, but now it feels like starting all over again with the new channels I started just last month.
    Good luck for reaching your goals!!
    xx Mouna



  6. You said you are struggling with twitter… The only thing I would suggest (if you aren’t doing it already) is to become active in blogger chats! @thebloggershub_ has a blogger chat and many other blog RT accounts! Once you follow one.. you will find many more. Connecting with other bloggers on twitter and participating in blogger chats are things that has helped me a lot with my following but also it is a good way to make new friends! Hope this helps! ♥


  7. I love it when people are setting blog goals, it really seems to make a difference! Well done on growing your Insta like this, that’s a pretty good achievement already! Re Bloglovin I’d recommend adding a full-width widget at the end of every post, that has helped me a lot! (you can see what I mean on my blog, it’s stretched across the bottom of every post so you can’t miss it;) Hope this helps! x


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