H is for Hate

AKA a list of things I abhor.


  • Vegetables – They taste like shit, okay? Not even my boyfriend can make me eat them. Spinach is amazing, though; probably the only veggie I eat.
  • Commuting – Ever since Uber and Grab exploded into existence, I never looked back. To be honest, I don’t quite remember the last time I took a bus. I enjoy the convenience and comfort of having a safe ride all to myself, and if I have to pay a higher price than if I were to take public transportation, so be it. On a few occasions, I’ve even been known to take these ride-sharing apps from Cavite to Marikina, costing me above Php500.
  • Skincare – I enjoy spending money on skincare and finding products that work for me, I just don’t like the fact that I have to put in an effort for good skin. Why can’t I have been blessed with a smooth, black- and whitehead-free face?

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