A post-Valentine’s thought

Despite knowing that a lot of people like February 14th, I only somewhat enjoy Valentine’s Day. I recognize that it’s a chance to show your love and affection for the precious ones in your life, especially your significant other.

However, one thing I do not like about it is the pressure. There’s pressure to spend your money dining out at a fancy restaurant when all you really wanna do is eat at Taco Bell. There’s pressure to get him a gift, which is stressful because what if he doesn’t like it and how much should I spend on it and oh my god what if he gets me a better gift and I look like a stingy fuck?

Don’t get me wrong – I like fancy dinners and giving/receiving nice gifts as much as the next gal. In fact, eating out is one of my main expenses. What I don’t like is the pressure to do all those things on a specific day. What if I’m not feeling up to scouring the malls for the perfect gift? What if I want to stay in bed alone and watch Marvel movies on the 14th?

That’s why I was happy to spend time with the boyfriend in a simple way. I just wanted to be with him, whether it was in a McDonald’s or in a steak restaurant. Next weekend, I’m buying him jeans and shirts not because it’s V-Day but because I’m getting sick of him wearing the same things over and over, lol.

And don’t think that I feel bad about not receiving any chocolates or flowers (though a lipstick would have been great – hint, hint). Again, I just want to spend time with him. Being able to hold his hand and talk with him about everything is a gift in itself.

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10 thoughts on “A post-Valentine’s thought

  1. My husband and I don’t do Valentine’s Day. We say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to each other, but that’s it. We both feel that it’s a very overhyped, over expensive day. We also feel that we don’t need one day to show how much we love each other. The anniversary of us getting together is the 22nd, so we do something for that instead. No presents, but we usually have a nice meal out or a takeaway and a film. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks


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