No-Spend March, or Help Me My Finances Are Going to Hell

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Recently when I got my paycheck, I spent Php6000 (approximately USD100) on makeup – a highlighter, 3-4 lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, and a brush set. I plan on buying concealer as well this weekend, so safe to say I’ve spent a pretty penny this week alone. I’ve also paid off several thousands of pesos’ worth of clothing costs to my mom, whose credit card I used to fuel my insane shopping sprees.

That all may be good for my instant gratification and my beauty blog posts, but it sure as hell ain’t good for my wallet! The last payday hasn’t even been a week yet and already I’ve burnt through my money. *shakes head*

Let’s face it, I have the self-control of a 3-year-old. That’s why I’m going to ask the boyfriend and my mother to help me curb my spending for the next month – I’m going on a Spending Ban March!

So what exactly will I not be buying? I figured out that most of my money goes to two things: makeup (no shit) and clothes.

I like going clothes shopping now more than ever because I like feeling good in what I wear; however, I already have way too many tops and dresses that I can go 3-4 weeks without repeating. It may be good for variety but, again, not good for the wallet!

As for makeup, it’s a no-brainer. I spend a minimum of Php2000 every payday on cosmetics. It keeps my collection brand-new and I like it like that, but again, my bank balance is not thanking me for it.

Therefore, I pledge that for the entirety of March, I will not spend on cosmetics nor clothes. (Skincare products may still be fair game, though – I’m tryna up my skincare routine for 2017.) I have so much to save up for: specifically, getaways with Tony and a personal savings account. It’s not going to be pretty when I’m broke and have to eat cup noodles every day to get by. 😦

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9 thoughts on “No-Spend March, or Help Me My Finances Are Going to Hell

  1. I totally relate – I have no self-control when it comes to a lot of things (makeup, skincare, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry….goodness this list is embarrassing), but I find that setting a monthly spending budget really helps. I deduct my bills and how much I want to save (I try to aim for 40% of my paycheck) from my income, and I use an app to track my spendings to make sure I don’t go over 🙂

    Jenny // Geeky Posh


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