How we spent Valentine’s Day

This is the first Valentine’s I’ll be spending with the boyfriend, so we had to make it special. Though to be honest, every day I’m with him is special in and of itself. Does that make me sound like a lovestruck teenager? Yep. Do I feel it’s true? Absolutely!

We went on a date last Sunday at a nice restaurant along Lilac Street in Marikina. We were supposed to go to Miguel & Maria, but they were jam-packed and I was hungry (and getting crankier by the minute), so we decided to try Meatslut even though it seemed a bit expensive.


It was so worth it, though! We spent Php1100 in total, including main dishes, 4 sides, and drinks.


Can I just say, though, that this place has the best steak I’ve ever tried? It’s done medium-well, just to my liking. The sirloin was tender and flavorful, and the gravy was tasty as well. And their potato dauphinoise was so yummy, I had to keep pace with Tony as he shoveled the things into his mouth.

Afterwards, we headed home to watch Captain America: Civil War. As it’s one of my favorite movies, it was very important to me that he likes it as well. No joke. Thankfully, he was entertained by it, and that’s good enough for me.

Overall, it was a pretty simple day spent with my beloved, but as long as we spent it together, I’m good. ❤

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