More on the boyfriend – meeting the family, how I met him, and why he is awesome

I’m typing this right now in an Internet cafe. How quaint, right?

Earlier this morning, I took the boyfriend to brunch with my extended family. We had a really good time, and I was glad to introduce him to the rest of the fam. Yesterday, I met his family – well, his mom and brother, at least. They both were really nice and cool and easy to talk to, which was a relief for li’l old nervous me. Tony and I grabbed an Uber to Parañaque because I’m a lazy spoiled brat who absolutely abhors commuting to the South. Thank god for ride-sharing apps!

Speaking of apps, I never told you guys how Tony and I met. We actually matched on Tinder. After a slew of boring dates and unsuccessful attempts, I was about to uninstall, when I decided to take one last chance at swiping. As it turns out, we both swiped right, and we hit it off. I was attracted to him because of his ability to hold an interesting conversation, and because he didn’t send “Heyyy DTF?” messages. Eventually, we decided to meet up in Cubao, and now here we are! ❤

Seeing him interact with his family and mine made me fall even harder. It opened my eyes even more to who he is: a kind, respectful, all-around amazing person who I am so lucky to have. He says the sweetest things that make me melt like a popsicle on a summer day. He really makes an effort to see me, to make me happy.

Ugh, this post is cheesy as fuck, but what the hell? It’s not like I’m any good at expressing these sweet words to his face.

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