On Valentine’s Day

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To be honest, I never was a huge fan of this “holiday”. For me, love should be expressed on the daily, not just once a year. However, I do understand that for some people, it’s an excuse to go out and treat themselves and their significant other to a special day, so I won’t knock that.

The boyfriend and I will be celebrating our very first V-Day this year. There’s really nothing special planned – we’ll just go out the weekends before and after the 14th, which is actually a Tuesday. We’ll go to nice restaurants, he’ll accompany me while makeup shopping, and that’s pretty much it. I don’t think we’ll be buying each other presents specifically for the occasion, though I do plan on buying him a nice pair of pants that aren’t too baggy and perhaps a new shirt or two because I’m getting sick of him being a serial t-shirt repeater.

In college, when me and my friends were all single, we used to go out and have fun by ourselves, all girls. It was really a fun time and a tradition we haven’t kept mostly because of our different schedules. 😦 They actually went out last weekend, and I wasn’t able to tag along. I miss them so much.

Speaking of single, can I just say how awful it is that some people feel bad about being single on V-Day? I get it, I’ve been there, and it’s just one of the things I don’t like about Valentine’s – some single people feel like crap because they feel they have no one to celebrate it with. So if you don’t have a significant other, I suggest going out anyway with your friends or family! You can express love in so many other ways besides romantically. 🙂

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