I am the clingiest girl in the world

…and I’m so not proud of it. šŸ˜¦

Gelo is well aware of this – we’ve been best friends for like 7 years so he’s very familiar with how clingy I can be. I send messages nonstop, especially when drunk. I get sad when he doesn’t reply. I miss him a lot because for some reason we only meet like once a quarter.

Now imagine those feelings multiplied by ten when it comes to Tony, my boyfriend.

I text him all the time even when I’m not saying anything of substance. When he can’t reply right away, I worry that he’s getting bored with me. When we say goodbye after spending the entire day together, I miss him the moment he turns away.

It’s gross and disgusting andĀ why am I like this?!Ā 

I think it’s probably my trust issues at work – out of sight, out of mind, or something like that. I haveĀ abandonment issues so I always, always need reassurance that he’s not going anywhere.

I know this is not exactly healthy – after all, everyone needs space, even me. So I’ll be working on this. Like Tony said, we are all works in progress – this just happens to be one of my (many) areas of improvement. ā¤


2 thoughts on “I am the clingiest girl in the world

  1. Haha, I wouldn’t say I’m clingy but I’m definitely the kind of person who needs to KNOW everything at all times and get immediate updates on everything, so in that regard I can definitely come across as clingy. But I’m mostly just a micromanager, lol.


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