How to spot a toxic person


Toxic people can sneak into your life without you even noticing. Luckily, with a good dose of self-awareness and brutal introspection, you can spot them. Here are my tips.

They suffocate you. Friendship, and relationships in general, need a healthy amount of space to function properly. Being clingy isn’t all bad (says the clingiest girl in the world), but if that person begins to make you feel like you can’t breathe, then it’s time to let go.

They judge you. Sure, we all do things we’re not proud of from time to time, but this person will judge you so harshly you’ll start to wonder why you’re even friends with them in the first place.

They make you feel bad about yourself. Like you’re never enough, or that you’re going to do something to piss them off. When you’re walking on eggshells constantly to try and please a person, they are not healthy for you. True friends need to be able to let their guards down with each other and be themselves completely, without fear of reprisal.

My best advice is, listen to your gut. It’s the best indicator of whether a person should still be in your life. Do they value you? More importantly, do they make you feel valued? If not, let it go and make room for people in your life who actually deserve your time.

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6 thoughts on “How to spot a toxic person

  1. I can spot a toxic person in seconds, had plenty of them in my life and I am glad I god rid of them. You only need people that care for us and want us to be happy, other than that is not necessary! x



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