REVIEW: Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

I’ve had this for a while and been using it for around 1 month or longer, and it’s safe to say I have an opinion on this. I haven’t been too keen to write about this, though, because it’s not gonna be a pretty review…

For the ultimate test, I applied to half of my face only to see if it truly makes a difference in my routine. I went ahead with my Bobbi Brown foundation, and guess what? Motherfucker caked and flaked on me. Primers are supposed to make foundation application easier, not harder! I didn’t change anything else in my routine aside from this primer, so I blamed it immediately. But I decided to still give it a chance, anyway.

After making sure my base was as good as I can make it, I went about my day. This involves sitting in an air-conditioned office for 8-9 hours. I checked in throughout the day to see if the primer made a difference in the wear of my foundation. Guess what – no dice. It didn’t control oil any better, nor did it make my foundation look better as the day lasted.

The only good thing I can say about this is that it’s affordable. I think this is going to work better for people with less oily skin than me.


Price: Php495 from BeautyMNL

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