I is for Inspiration

I write a lot, either here or in my journal. So some of you may be asking, what inspires me to write so damn much?

On the blog, it’s mostly makeup. I’m inspired by other bloggers who take great photos and write eloquently, so I strive to make my content readable and fun. It also makes me want to buy all the hyped-up products, but that’s a whole other story (a sad story for my bank account).

I’m also pretty inspired by all my feelings, whether it be happy or sad. Let’s face it, half my blog is makeup, the other half is overly emotional rantings. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤

I’d like to get all political up in this shit, but I am in no way articulate enough, so I leave that to the more well-spoken of us. (Still, I want y’all to know that I think Marcos is not a hero and Duterte sucks. That is all.)

Also, I’m quite inspired by my boyfriend. I know, it’s cheesy as fuck, but I can’t help it. He inspires me to write about feeling joy in love.

In the journal, though, is where all my secrets go. The stories I can’t tell other people. It’s where I put in all my deepest fears and horror stories. Only 2 people in the world have ever read my journal, and those were people I trusted immensely to still love me despite my horrible thoughts.

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