REVIEW: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

Hi, I’m Ela, and I’m a lipstick junkie.

Hi, Ela!

I could go on forever about how much I adore my Colourpop. It’s kinda hard to get a hold of them here in the Philippines so I appreciate them with all that I have. That said, they’re not perfect.


Consistency is very wet and it even dripped when I initially applied it. I learned to wipe off the excess on the inside of the tube. Since the formula is so wet, it bled outside my lip lines.

As the day went on, it clung to the dry patches on my lips, emphasizing flakes. It never truly dries down, so it transfers a bit, but not enough to raise concern for me. However, this raises a question: these don’t really dry down fully but they make my lips parched. The hell is up with that??

That said, I am in love with the colors I have: my Up & Away set (containing Love Bug, Mama, and Calypso), Notion, Viper, and More Better. I suck at describing shades, so please refer to the swatches! And I also suck at editing photos, so if the lighting looks off, take the swatches with a grain of salt. I’m an NC40, BTW.


From top to bottom:

Love Bug is the perfect terracotta for me, and it has replaced Pink Sugar’s Sugar Tint in Truth or Dare as my brown of choice.

Mama is a burnt orange.

Notion is a deep plum that makes me feel vampy af.

Viper is a light purplish-pink nude that surprisingly looks natural on me.

More Better is a darkened fuschia pink that makes me feel oh-so-girly.

Not in photo: Calypso is a nude which makes me look pale and sickly, so I don’t ever use that.

Verdict: Not the best liquid lipstick in town, but for the price, who’d complain? Besides, the color range is just outstanding! So terrific, in fact, that I’m planning to order like 8 more shades. My wallet absolutely hates me.

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28 thoughts on “REVIEW: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip

  1. I think Colourpop is great in the color selection and prices when compared with similar brands. I live in The Netherlands and even though it was annoying having to pay customs to receive my first lipsticks I was so excited about it because I’m a part of the Lipstick Junkie group too (sorry, not sorry). I did a review with my first impressions you can find it here: if you’d like to read it. Try using a lip liner to solve the bleeding and apply it in small layers instead. I love the colors you have here 😉


  2. I’ve heard other people mention that they don’t like the matte formula either, instead going for the Ultra Satin colors. However, I agree, the range is incredible! I have Notion and Viper but I’ve been meaning to get my hands on Love Bug for the longest time – it looks so gorgeous.

    Sam | My Beauty Cloud


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