REVIEW: Detail in Naima and Zenaida

The first Detail liquid lipsticks I owned were their Stannic ones, the metallics. I own Canopus and Pleades, two beautiful shades that sadly just make me so friggin’ thirsty because they dry my lips out so much!


I’m not too keen to report that the non-metallic matte shades in their line are quite drying, though not as much. It’s not like higher-end liquid lipsticks that set comfortably on the lips (looking at you, Stila Stay All Day). These are very drying, especially without the right prep of exfoliating and moisturizing.

But the colors are too lovely, and the price tag too cheap, for me to pass these up. So let’s take a look at these swatches:


Zenaida is a deep  maroon, while Naima is a bright purplish pink. To be honest, I was nervous about Naima because it looks so cool-toned, but it looks great on my NC40 skin!

It sticks to the lips like nobody’s business, so there’s very little transfer. It stays on all day, but it does emphasize lip cracks and lines, so PLEASE, PREP WELL! No one likes the “puckered butthole” mouth look, as Stephanie Nicole would say.


Verdict: Good enough for the price point, but if MAC carries the same shades (and I’m sure they do), I’ll be buying those.

Price: Php225 from BeautyMNL


6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Detail in Naima and Zenaida

  1. Both shades look amazing on you, I normally avoid dry lipsticks because after an hour or so I cannot stand them on my lips as they get too uncomfortable. Have a lovely weekend! x



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