G is for God

I’ve studied at Catholic schools all my life. So it came as a surprise to my mother when I told her I was an atheist.

I’m lucky that my mom and most of my friends are understanding (or at least, tolerating of) about my lack of religion; however, there are still some that would take it against me, which is why I hardly ever bring it up.

Now, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding atheism in a country where a majority of ┬áthe population is quite religious. A lot of people think you can’t be good without God, or whatever supreme being they believe in.

I say, no. You can actually be a good person without having to believe in a higher being. To be “good” for the sake of a divine reward in the afterlife is not being good. You don’t have to expect a reward for being a decent person who practices charity and kindness.

I do have atheist friends as well – the squad, in particular – and I’m happy to report that they are all kind-hearted people despite the fact that they don’t believe in a particular god.

That’s not to say I’m the kind of asshole who shits on other people for believing. You do you, friend. It’s just not my thing, ya know?

Believe me, I’ve tried to have faith. I prayed so many times in the past and tried to cultivate my belief. It’s just not for me. Even if I tried now to pray, deep inside I know I’d be faking faith.


2 thoughts on “G is for God

  1. I know what you feel! My family is a conservative catholic so me and my brother studied in a Catholic School too run by nuns. Our school was founded by an actual saint and have an alumna who has been canonized. But despite all those, I ended up an atheist. Some of my family are not aware of it, but my parents and my brother does know it. I’ve tried too, and prayed a lot. But deep inside I felt I was just lying to myself.



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