My skincare routine

Or lack thereof. I’m so freakin’ bad about keeping my skin clean. I mean, yeah, I’ll wipe my face with micellar water, but washing it with facial foam is too much for my lazy ass.

Gross, I know. Who needs makeup and shit sitting on their face after a long day? But I’m so bad at double cleansing. I’m too scared to go to a dermatologist and have them prick the living daylights out of my skin. And as much as I love shopping for makeup, I’m stingy as fuck when it comes to skincare products.

It’s bad, I know, because having good skin is step one to having on point makeup. So to up my skincare goals, I bought Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol solution and The Blacks Cooling Clay Mask (Ice) from BeautyMNL. The toner solution is supposed to help clear acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, while the mask is supposed to minimize large pores and control oil. As we go along, I hope to feature more skincare products in my blog, and to actually use them instead of letting them expire.

Hopefully 2017 is the year I stick to my skincare routine. Gotta have goals!


5 thoughts on “My skincare routine

  1. I really like Cetaphil – it’s gentle enough to use every day and it keeps the skin moist (which can help prevent breakouts since it won’t overproduce oil).


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