Tiny New Year’s Resolutions

Because I cannot commit myself fully to goals, apparently.


  • Change my bedsheets and pillow cases – to avoid breakouts, and just to be cleaner with my room in general. Also, my therapist recommends this as a way for me to feel better, and it does work!
  • Take stock of my makeup inventory – what do I need? What should I sell or give away? If I’m not using it, it’s got to go before it expires. No exceptions. My vanity is just bursting.
  • Put away Php4000 – I’m targeting to save Php2000 every payday, just so I have some savings in the bank. I need to start being more responsible with my money.


  • Exercise – no shit. I am horrible at keeping fit. Last Saturday, I vowed to start going on the treadmill at least once a week, and I fell asleep for 12+ hours. Granted, I was tired and sleepless from going to Mandaluyong for 2 days straight, but I need not to have any more excuses.
  • Wash my makeup brushes – because ew, who needs dirt on their face?


  • Write – either here in the blog, or in my journal. Let’s face it, I’m not the world’s best writer, so I need to keep scribbling so I can improve 🙂 Besides, it’s nice to get all my dumb feelings off my chest and down in paper.

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