2017 so far – yes, I know it’s only been 1 day

Makeup, clothes, and spending in general

Of course this is always first. Bought way too much stuff in the past few months but I’ll get it under control… I hope. Haven’t bought anything this year yet so I’m off to a great start! Granted, it’s only been one day, but when you’re in a mall and everything looks good, walking away without a purchase is a big deal.

I’m planning to save at least Php2000 per cutoff so I can finally start a savings fund. I’ve been on too many #TreatYoSelf binges this year.



I’ve been having mood swings, but what’s new? The important thing is that I don’t get too caught up in the bad energy, and always come out on top with a smile on my face. Usually I need Smirnoff Mule or a good 12 hours of sleep (both, actually) to make me feel better. I know, alcohol is never a solution, but what’s a girl to do when she’s bored and lonely at 8 in the evening?




I’ve gotten the highest grosser award in September 2016 and I’m determined to get it again. I want to prove that I’m not just a one-hit wonder.

Work has been a lot of ups and downs. I’ve been zoned out for a while at work. After talking to my Team Leader, Recruitment Manager, Director, CEO, and COO, I’ve gotten a second wind and am back on top of my game.


The blog

I’ve got a shit-ton of makeup products to review. I haven’t even put up my Colourpop reviews yet, and lord knows how much more products I’ve purchased since November. It can be a bit stressful thinking of that, so instead of thinking of my reviews as obligations, I just think of them as a fun little hobby that makes me happy. No one reads my blog anyway so no biggie. (Like, hi Marist AKA the only person who reads this shit!)

I’m also thinking of getting a domain and buying a really pretty WordPress theme. But gerl dats expensive so I’m putting it off. Perhaps by my birthday, if I’ve saved up enough money?



My most watched movie last year, aside from the MCU, has got to be Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s such a poignant film. I have to admit that I fall apart every time I watch it, it’s just so beautiful and sad. The ending makes me die inside because they fucking want each other but they know it’s not gonna work.



I’ve discovered several good songs, but my most played recently is Rivers Cuomo’s I Was Made For You. Put it on my future wedding playlist; it’s that good and sweet!



Reread The Infinity Gauntlet and started questioning how the MCU is gonna make it work without Adam Warlock. They haven’t introduced him to the films as far as I know.

Also, I recently bought and started rereading Charles Bukowski’s Love is a Dog from Hell. It’s a collection of poetry, mostly about sex, and it’s not so much erotic as it is sad. It details how sex – one of the most intimate acts – can make you feel empty and lonelier than ever.

How about you, dear friends? I hope your year is off to a good start, too!


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