What I really want in 2017

So I published this post, and I just want to clarify a few things 😛

Sure, I’d love to expand my makeup collection. Don’t get me wrong – I have no plans of stopping buying makeup anytime soon. But I think it’s time to spend money on other things, too.

Like books, for instance. Ever since I started working the night shift, I’ve had such little energy to read. I used to finish a book every month – now I can’t remember the last new book I’ve read. My attention span limits me to rereading old favorites, which isn’t bad in itself, but I want to discover new favorites as well. So maybe one of my New Year’s resolutions is that I should read a new book at least once a month? (Not that I believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s a tradition that just sets me up for failure, mostly because I’m a piece of shit who is too lazy to achieve her goals.)

I also want to expand my comic book collection. I have lots of them in my external hard drive, but being a former bookworm, I want to have physical copies as well. All the comics I have are Marvel, so I’m thinking of expanding my collection to Batman comics (I fucking love Batman). I’m also thinking of getting into Green Lantern. I should really read more DC, so maybe All-Star Superman? Recommendations, please!

Writing has been a huge part of 2016, and I hope to carry on in 2017 as well. It’s helped me cope with problems, share my triumphs, and just kept me sane. My goal is to completely fill up my second journal and buy a third, and fill that up, too.

Above all, though, I really want a positive energy for 2017. 2016 has been full of ups and downs, which is life, I suppose. But I want my days to be full of meaning, as opposed to them being just ordinary days. I want to spend more time with my friends and family instead of locking myself in my room all the time (introvert problems). I want to treat them to good food and drinks, and have pleasant conversations. I want the energy to go out on Saturday nights and have a really good time, instead of counting down the minutes until I can go home and sleep. Mostly, I want to be better: a better friend, daughter, and overall person; someone who is patient and kind, and treats people well.

(Huh. Maybe that can be my New Year’s resolution.)


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