Things I want in 2017

Because a girl can dream, right?

  1. Pink lipsticks: I have enough red lippies, so it’s about time to expand my collection.
  2. The Holy Grail contour¬†product: I’m using Sleep MakeUP contour/highlight palette in Medium, and I think it might be a tad dark for my skin tone. I might try out Benefit’s Hoola.
  3. Civil War trade paperback collection: I have it on EBR but I don’t have a physical copy. SHAME ON ME, because I love love love this story! Will pick it up in Fully Booked as soon as I see a copy.
  4. Fight Club 2 – the graphic novel: It’s always sold out in bookstores so I might have to buy it off Kindle. I wanna see how it stacks up to Fight Club 1.
  5. The will to live: Because every damn day is a struggle – a struggle to be more positive, more energetic, just… more. I want the days to have meaning, instead of counting down the hours, ya know?

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