Christmas Eve blues

I haven’t really gotten into blogging lately, which sucks because one of my ways to feel better is my writing here. I’ve also sort of forgotten to write in my journal. For some reason, my writing mojo has dried up somethin’ awful.

Anyway, I’m writing here now because 1) I’m bored, and 2) I got the Christmas Eve blues. Ya know, when you’re just waiting for Christmas so it’ll be finally over? I am so annoyed over the stress of buying and wrapping gifts, standing in long lines at the mall, the ridiculous price surges of Grab, and the Christmas carolers. I’m sick of it.

Funny thing is, I used to be a really Christmassy person. I Leslie Knope’d the shit out of gift-giving to The Best Friend. I sang along to Christmas songs. I looked forward to eating good food with my family at midnight.

Now all I look forward to is getting drunk.


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