REVIEW: Imagic Beauty Lipstick in #11

Yeah, I know, another lippie, right? WEll, TOO FUCKING BAD BECAUSE YOU FOLLOW THIS BLOG. (Thank you, by the way!)


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I suck at describing colors! I’d say this is a magenta that leans more towards violet… if that makes sense. (I’m such a failure as a beauty blogger.)



For this price point, I wasn’t expecting a lot from the packaging. It feels a bit cheap in the hand since there’s not really a lot of heft to it, although that may be a good thing as well since it’s so easy to bring for retouching. But what can I say, I like my products to have some heaviness to them.


It smells like a combination of candy and that lipstick smell – I know y’all girls know what I’m talking about.



Texture-wise, it’s demi-matte, so it’s not super flat but doesn’t have a terrible sheen to it.

LMAO sorry for my unruly hair! I just took off my hoodie here and didn’t even bother combing.

The texture is creamy, so it’s easy to apply. Since it’s creamy, it transfers to my mug, utensils, and cigarettes.

Wear time is average at 4 hours with fading, but no worries since it’s easy to reapply.



The price is cheap, but it feels that way, too. Will not be repurchasing.


Price: Php199 down from Php250 at BeautyMNL


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