F is for Friendship

Dammit, the title sounds cheesy as all hell, but I’m going with it.

Friendship is something I like to pride myself on. I keep a large group of friends by my side, all from different backgrounds. I met Gelo in high school, Kat in college, Amimi in my second job… Basically I have a whole lot of people who I care for, and who care for me.

I have so many friends that sometimes I wonder why I’m even feeling lonely at all. And these aren’t your garden-variety friends, either – they’re the real deal, true blue, BFFs. They don’t judge me when I’m feeling down; they lift me up and help me the best way they know how.

As cliche as this sounds, I would do pretty much anything (within reason, duh) for my friends. They’re my lifeline, my anchor through a rough storm. They’ve seen me through many a dark night, and I do my best to make sure they know I’ll go through hell and back for them.


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