REVIEW: TheBalm Frat Boy

Note: Never, ever agree to go with me to a BeautyBar. Gab and Kat agreed to go with me and I told them to stop me from buying anything, which, all things considered, was a mission doomed to fail.

This is my first high-end blush so I was really excited about this! I’ve heard good things about TheBalm’s staying power, which is the main selling point for me in all beauty products. Let’s dive in, shall we?



As with all TheBalm products, the packaging is cheeky and pretty af. Comes in a sturdy yet lightweight cardboard box.



The powder is silky smooth. There’s some kickoff when you dip your brush into it, but not enough to cause alarm.

The finish is matte, which I like (but not love, since I’m leaning towards the dewy look nowadays).


Described as a “peachy apricot”, it looks amazing on my medium skin tone. It’s not too bright or too dark – like Goldilocks says, it’s juuuust right!


This stood up to claims of being long-wearing, too! It wore well against a night of rain, sweat, and me wiping my face every so often.


Would repurchase more TheBalm products due to this!


Price: Php975 at the BeautyBar Gateway


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