E is for Exhaustion

I’m exhausted pretty much all day, every day. If coffee didn’t exist, I would be a slow-walking zombie fresh from the grave.I have depression, so that may be a factor in me feeling fatigued all of the time. Like, seriously, sometimes I can’t even muster up the energy to get out of bed. When I do gather the strength to leave my bedroom, even when I’m with my beloved friends and family, half the time I’m thinking, “I could use some sleep right about now.” To quote something I’ve read on a sad meme page on Facebook, “Sleeping is awesome because it’s like you’re dead.”

Since I have depression, I’m also on meds. These meds make me quite sleepy, making it even harder to stay energized the whole day.¬†And most days are just passing by in a meaningless haze, so I can’t work up the energy to actually make something of it.


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