REVIEW: Pink Sugar Sweet Cheeks HD Color in Concrete Jungle

I’ve been on a real highlighter kick lately, which is weird because I already have oily skin – like, WTF, self?


The packaging is nice and pretty. The compact feels sturdy and doesn’t feel like it’ll smash if I drop it, though I’m not willing to put that to the test 😛 It comes with a brush, and like most applicators that come with compacts, it’s a bit useless at picking up product and highlighting.




Very powdery and there is a lot of fallout. There are bits of glitter, which I hate because like KathleenLights, I prefer a sheen to my highlighters instead of glitter. It’s so difficult to use because of the glitter – it goes on everywhere, like literally everywhere, even the parts of my face that I don’t want highlighted.




I feel like this accentuates the texture of my skin because of all the large glitter chunks. It does stay on for quite a while, despite all the rain and sweat on my face when I put it to the test. But I feel that the glitter tends to move around a lot; instead of highlighting just my cheekbones, it highlights everything else, as well.



A super disappointing product from a brand I want to trust! Will not repurchase this shade, but may try other shades in this collection.


Price: Php499 from BeautyMNL


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