C is for Cats

Full admission: I’m a crazy cat lady. No one understood my love for Neko Atsume, except my Amimi who also loves her cats to death.I love anything and everything with cats on it. At home, we take care of more than thirteen – thirteen – cats. We go through so much cat food in a month, we even have a running joke at home: humans can run out of food here, but it’s imperative that our cats don’t.

My favorites – yes, I have my favorite cats, don’t judge me – are the newest ones, Meowredith (after Meredith Grey) and Widow (from the Marvel movies).

At my current job, my friends don’t understand why I love cats. They see them as dirty little rascals. Well, they may be dirty little rascals but they’re my dirty little rascals, so that’s that.


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