11/642: Write about a visit to the hospital

I was at work when I suddenly wasn’t feeling very well. We had a birthday thing for our colleagues, see, and right before that, I threw up. And right after eating during said birthday thing, I threw up again. I repeated this several times throughout the morning. 

I approached our company nurse, who gave me a few meds and told me to try to keep them down. Great – just another thing I couldn’t do. I vomited the meds within the hour.

By that time, I was shaky, had cold sweats, and was exhausted from all the trips to the bathroom. Upon my friends’ prodding, I asked the nurse if I could go to the ER.

Checked in to the hospital. Was told I had mild food poisoning. Mom eventually arrived and told me I loved being in hospitals this year. Apparently, it’s my new thing.

Stayed there for 4 hours while an IV drip slowly coursed fluids through my veins.

If this post is boring to read, please be reminded: hospitals are boring as fuck. I should know, I’ve been there twice this year.


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