Things I should start/stop doing

Because I need to get my shit together.


  • Running again. I miss the endorphins, the natural high I get when I run. I can’t even walk now for 10 minutes without getting winded, and I used to be able to go for 10km.
  • Blogging more. I blog a lot but I feel it’s not enough because I have a lot of stupid feelings; it’s nice to get those emotions down on paper and feel unburdened.
  • Finishing my latest scrapbook. During a low point, I stopped scrapbooking, and I was disheartened that it was so easy for me to put down my glitters and other crafty shit.


  • Thinking about people who are bad for me. Toxicity is the enemy.
  • Smoking. (Please note that I said should stop, I never said I would stop anytime soon.)
  • Eating too much chocolate. I average one bar a day, which may not sound like a lot. But to a person who does not exercise, it’s way too much.

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