A is for Anxiety

Part of my depression is dealing with anxiety attacks.

The severity varies, as I blogged about before. Last year, I was having them on the daily, which SUCKED big-time. They left me disoriented and completely drained to do anything else but stare off into space.

Some triggers:

  • A select group of friends – believe me, if I could stop being triggered by them, I would. I like them a lot. But for some reason, they are toxic to me.
  • Makati – this place hates me. Every time I go there, I get terribly panicky. Like, biting-my-nails-in-front-of-people anxious.
  • Spending time with people for prolonged amounts of time – it depends on my mood overall, but I’ve found that I can’t spend time with people for more than around 3-5 hours without feeling anxious.

This year, since I started going to therapy, the panic attacks lessened considerably. Though I still have them occasionally when something triggers me, they’re not as bad as they once were, thanks to a variety of techniques my therapists taught me (grounding and conscious deep breathing have been especially helpful).


^I’m sorry, my cat typed that in.


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