Fun Fact Friday: I ate glass once

Okay, this makes me sound like a total freak.

I was in college then. We were grocery shopping when I kept bugging my mom to buy cream cheese in a jar. She refused because we were on a budget that time, but I insisted, so she sighed and picked one up.

We got home and I was so excited to dig in to the cream cheese-y goodness, so I sat down and tried opening the jar. Unfortunately, the lid was screwed on so tightly that it wouldn’t budge. So I tried loosening the lid by driving a thin knife in between the lid and the glass jar.

Guess what? THE FUCKING THING BROKE. Bits of glass fell into the cream cheese spread and I nearly cried.

Now, since I put up a fuss when mother wouldn’t let me buy the damned thing, I ATE IT, GLASS AND ALL. I spread it on some bread and ate the thing. It was crunchy as heck, and I proceeded to finish the jar in a record 2-3 days, fearful that my mom would try it out and eat glass, too.

That’s how proud I am – I’d rather eat glass than admit that I made a mistake.Sigh.


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