10/642: What is the lesson you learned from your favorite book?

Ahhh, now this is a prompt close to my heart.

My all-time favorite book is The Little Prince. I’m planning to have one of the illustrations tattooed (someday, when I’m not such a pussy).


The Little Prince is full of lessons that I need to take to heart.

Don’t forget what it was like to be a kid.

We should never forget how to look at things with the wonder of a child. The beauty of children is that they see things for the first time, and with such wonderment that it allows adults a peek into their own childhoods as well.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Material things are lovely, and they make us feel better. I’m not going to preach and say that material things aren’t important, because they are. After all, who doesn’t need money to pay for rent, utilities, and medication? I’m not self-righteous enough to say that money can’t buy happiness, especially when you’re a makeup junkie like I am.

However, the most important things are the ones money can’t buy. Love, joy, beauty, family, friends… These are what make life worth living, and it’s important to recognize that.

Don’t get caught up in the self-aggrandizing importance of your day-to-day.

Our jobs demand a lot of us. It is where we spend most of our waking hours. Sometimes, we even take it home with us. But that’s where we need to realize that it shouldn’t be the only thing in our lives. We work the 9-to-5 gig and we need to do it well, of course, but that should not be the end-all, be-all. Every once in a while, we need to step back and appreciate the other things in our lives that actually make it worth living.


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