Can we talk about Jasmine Curtis-Smith for a minute?

The celebrity has just opened up about her struggles with depression and anxiety. She shared how she bottled up her emotions because she didn’t know how to express them, which hit me close to home since I was the same way, too. Like her, I expressed myself poorly – through anger and silence.

I admire her courage – declaring your mental illness is not an easy thing to do for an ordinary person, let alone an artista whose life is constantly under the microscope. If I feel afraid coming out as a depressive because of the possible backlash, what more could she have felt?

Yet she chose to do it anyway, despite the stigma. And she’s using her voice to help usher in the Mental Health Act, which is a cause near and dear to me for obvious reasons.

Her efforts to fight the stigma of mental illnesses make me admire her as a person, and I wish her the best in her journey to wellness.


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