How to start a blog: Ela edition

Because the world doesn’t have enough blogs.

  1. Have a lot of feelings. I don’t give a shit about what: makeup, your ex, or life in general. But just have a lot of stupid emotion you need to express, that can’t be contained to a journal.
  2. Open a WordPress account. WordPress is DA BOMB and I cannot believe I lasted so long on Blogger. This is so much better, with all the ways I can customize how I run my dumb blog.
  3. Follow other blogs. Very important because a) you’ll need to read a lot so you can write better, b) you can get a lot of inspiration from other blogs, c) you can build your network of readers, and d) NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR LITTLE SPACE ON THE WEB.
  4. Start writing! I don’t care if your photos suck or you feel nothing you write is good enough. You will improve as long as you keep reading and writing. Just get those thoughts down on paper and realize that whatever you do, you will never feel good enough.

(I’ve only just realized how angry I am in this post. I’d apologize but HAHA FUCK NO.)


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