Therapy Takeaways

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been feeling my best lately. Thank god I had a scheduled therapy session earlier today. Here are the takeaways from my sesh:

  1. I have been progressing with my abandonment issues, which are not as bad as they were in earlier sessions, yay!
  2. Though I may feel like I’m backsliding, I still am not as miserable as I once was, which means I’m coping better. Yay again!
  3. Score your day – on a scale of 1-10, how miserable are you? A 7 or an 8 may still be high, but it’s better than a constant 10 I used to feel.
  4. Since I told her that I feel heartsick when I’m stuck at home, she told me we were going to set our goals such that I can overcome that, since I can’t always be going out. So she told me to make my house as inviting as possible: buy new pillows, bedsheets, and pillowcases for my bedroom, change the curtains, put up photos, take care of a plant, anything that would make it better.
  5. I also told her about these crossroads and she warned me against making rash decisions that could be made in the height of my emotions.

I really love how my counselor guides me through all my crap and how she makes me feel like I can overcome shit. ❤


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