I’m starting to get fatigued running this blog. 

Not to say that I’m not gonna write anymore – it’s just that I’m running out of ideas, and I want to keep this as active as possible because it’s a healthy release for me and it makes me productive. So I decided to have theme days!

  • Makeup Monday: For anything and everything related to cosmetics and skincare.
  • Tunes-day: So I have an excuse to post my favorite songs at the moment.
  • Prompt Wednesday: For my Project 642.
  • Fun Fact Friday: For random facts about myself.
  • Personal Sunday: Heartfelt-ish posts that may contain a little less sarcasm than normal.

Thursdays and Saturdays are free-for-all, which means I get to post whatever I want, bitches!

All this having been said, I’m not gonna post daily on here. It’s way too much of a hassle and I’m far too lazy to maintain my blog that way. But at least with these prompts in place, I’ll be more motivated to write.


2 thoughts on “Prompts

  1. Setting up theme days is good! You could also do the A-Z challenge where you talk about something with that letter every day, it seems good for springing up ideas!

    Corinne x


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