Passion, or my lack thereof

Passionate people inspire me. I don’t care what they’re passionate about – makeup, photography, writing – but it’s their passion itself that makes them super fascinating to me. I love it when they geek about about certain things, some that at times I don’t quite understand. I love reading blogs and seeing just how much someone loves to do something. It’s infectious and makes me want to be better at something, anything. 

Thing is, I know I can’t do better. Let’s face it, I’m pretty mediocre at a lot of things. I don’t have that one specific passion that makes me special or noteworthy in any way. My passion/talent, I think, is tweeting angry/sad nonsense and having approximately one (1) friend like it (looking at you, Patrisha).

I would love to be the kind of person who is actually good at something, though. Whether it’s makeup or writing, I would like to be the kind of person who is actually talented enough to warrant some attention or at the very least spark some inspiration in someone else.


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